Are All World Surf League (WSL) Surfers Professional?


Professionalism is a term used to describe individuals or entities that adhere to certain standards of quality, skill, and behavior. In the world of sports, professional athletes are those individuals that are paid to play their respective sport and are considered to be the best of the best. The World Surf League (WSL) is the governing body of professional surfing and is responsible for organizing the world’s best competitive surfing events.

Benefits of Professionalism

Being a professional in the WSL comes with many benefits, including financial stability, increased exposure, and increased respect. Professional WSL athletes make a living wage by competing in events and securing sponsorships. This financial stability allows them to focus on training and competing without having to worry about making ends meet. Professional WSL athletes also receive more exposure than amateur athletes; they are often featured in magazines and television shows and have endorsement deals with major companies. The increased exposure also leads to increased respect from the surfing community and fans.

Reasons why not all WSL players are professional

Despite the many benefits of being a professional athlete in the WSL, there are several reasons why not all players are professional. One of the main reasons is the lack of financial resources; many professional surfers do not have the means to support themselves while training and competing. Additionally, professional WSL athletes need to secure sponsorships to make a living wage, but this can be difficult as there are limited sponsors in the surfing industry. Lastly, the lack of media coverage in the surfing world means that many professional WSL athletes lack the exposure they need to become successful.


In summary, professional WSL athletes enjoy the benefits of financial stability, increased exposure, and increased respect. However, there are several reasons why not all WSL players are professional, including lack of financial resources, lack of sponsorship, and lack of media coverage. Not having all WSL players as professionals has implications for the future of the sport as it could lead to a lack of talent and exposure.

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