At What Age Do Surfers Retire?


Surfing is a popular sport, but it is also a lifestyle. It involves riding a wave on a surfboard and typically takes place in a coastal area. The average age of retirement for surfers is not well-defined, as a variety of factors can influence when a surfer retires, such as physical limitations, financial considerations, and changes in lifestyle.

Reasons for Retirement

Physical limitations are one of the main reasons why surfers choose to retire. As surfers age, they may experience injuries or conditions that prevent them from participating in the sport. In addition, the physical demands of surfing can take a toll on the body, making it difficult for surfers to continue to compete at a high level. Financial considerations are also a factor in retirement decisions, as surfers may not be able to sustain their lifestyle without income from sponsorships or competitions. Finally, changes in lifestyle can also impact retirement decisions, such as starting a family or pursuing a career in a different field.

Impact of Retirement

Retirement from surfing can have a significant impact on a surfer’s life. The loss of physical activity can lead to a decrease in overall health and well-being. Additionally, the loss of income can make it difficult to support oneself and any dependents. Finally, the loss of community can be a difficult adjustment. Surfers are part of a close-knit community, and the retirement of a surfer can be a difficult transition for friends and family.

Strategies for Retirement

Surfers can take a variety of steps to prepare for retirement. Financial planning is essential, as it can help surfers prepare for the loss of income. Mentorship can also be beneficial, as experienced surfers can provide advice and support to those who are transitioning to retirement. Finally, career transition can help surfers make the adjustment to post-retirement life.


The average age of retirement for surfers is not well-defined and can vary depending on a variety of factors. Retirement from surfing can have a significant impact on a surfer’s life, including the loss of physical activity, income, and community. Fortunately, there are strategies that surfers can use to prepare for retirement, such as financial planning, mentorship, and career transition.

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