The Evolution of Surfing to Wakesurfing

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” – Phil Edwards, first professional surfer Polynesia, the Pacific, and the Birthplace of Surfing Predating written history, the creators of surfing differ depending on who you ask. Citing…

Best Wakesurfing Playlists for all Crowds

Wakesurfing is consistently a good time, but elevating your good time to a great time can be difficult. One way to improve the experience for everyone on your boat is to curate the music for the crowd you have on…

Gnarly Wakesurfing Wallpaper [January 2022]

Check out some wakesurfing wallpaper from Laurentide Wakesurf Co. Each month we will be coming out with another batch of wallpapers for you to use! January 2022’s wallpapers are below: Tropical Tiki Hut Phone Wallpaper Retro Surfing Desktop Wallpaper

Surfing Glossary

Wondering what your buddy meant when he was out driving the boat for a surfing session? Then you have come to the right place. This wakesurfing glossary carries most slang and phrases that you might here out on the water, but also some words you might here surfing out on the ocean break.