Do Native Hawaiians Surf?


Native Hawaiians are indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands and have a rich history and culture that is deeply tied to the ocean. Throughout the centuries, surfing has been a significant part of Hawaiian culture and continues to play an important role in preserving their cultural identity today.

History of Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing has been a part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times. Ancient Hawaiians believed that the god Kanaloa was responsible for the waves, and they incorporated surfing into their religious ceremonies. Early European explorers brought the sport to the islands, making it more widely accessible and popular. Surfing quickly became an integral part of Hawaiian life, with some historians even believing that it served as a form of payment for goods and services. Today, surfing is a major part of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian surfers are some of the most renowned in the world.

Impact of Surfing on Native Hawaiian Culture

Surfing has had a significant impact on Hawaiian culture. It has created economic opportunities for many Native Hawaiians, has helped preserve cultural traditions, and has helped Hawaiians become stewards of the environment. The popularity of surfing has created jobs in the tourism industry, allowing Native Hawaiians to share their culture with visitors from all over the world. It has also allowed Native Hawaiians to stay connected to their cultural roots, as surfing is seen as an expression of their identity. Finally, Hawaiian surfers have become advocates for ocean conservation, helping to protect the waters around the islands.


Surfing has been an important part of Native Hawaiian life for centuries and continues to be an integral part of their culture today. It has provided economic opportunities, helped to preserve Hawaiian traditions, and has even inspired Hawaiians to become stewards of the environment. Surfing is a powerful symbol of Hawaiian identity and a reminder of the importance of maintaining a connection to the natural world.

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