About Laurentide Wakesurf


For every $1 spent on our site, we pledge to remove 1 pound of trash from US watersheds.

Environment Friendly

All of our materials are sustainably sourced from a variety of different distributors.

US Shipping

Our products deliver to anywhere in the United States

Conservation Efforts

Our own foundation, Wave Havn, not only creates opportunities for inner-city youth to get exposure to wake surfing, but also works with local wildlife protection groups to allocate a portion of each sale to protect and restore our fresh water ecosystems.

In addition, Laurentide Wakesurf has pledged to remove 1 pound of trash from US watersheds for every $1 that is spent on the site!

How are we doing?

The number below reflects the percentage of trash that we have promised to remove from US Watersheds since Laurentide was established in 2020. Check out our blogs about our latest trash pick ups.

of Promised Trash Removed from US Waterways
0 %

We are keeping to our pledge and are working to make up lost ground. As more sales are made on our site, the total trash that we need to clean up increases. This is a moving goal-post, but we anticipate closing in on 100% by the end of 2024.