Is Wake Surfing Legal at Night?

As long as wake boats have been around, people have been trying to maximize their time using them. For the most devoted surfers, boarders, and skiers, that’s likely led to some early mornings and some late afternoons. But what about after dusk? You may be asking yourself, is wake surfing at night legal?

Surprisingly, it really depends where you live. Some states want you to stop towing surfers/skiers/boarders 30 minutes before sunset, some are at sunset, and some are even 30 minutes or an hour after sunset.

Like any rule, there are exceptions. States like Alaska and Mississippi don’t even have laws that require you to stop towing someone. While towing at night is legal in these places, we definitely suggest stopping when you can’t see. Night surfing might seem cool, but without the correct equipment, it can be incredibly dangerous.

So is wake surfing legal at night? In 48 states, it is, and while it may be legal in Alaska and Mississippi, we don’t recommend it. If you’re a resident of the 48 states where it is legal and want to know your state’s guidelines, take a look at our post, When is it legal to wake surf?, or check with your local government to learn more about your district’s towing laws.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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