Minnesota Wakesurfing

Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, is a hotbed for wakesurfing. In the summer heat, the most popular lakes in this midwestern state are dotted with wakesurfing boats from dusk until dawn; all trying to squeeze every last minute of surfing out of the day.

Best Minnesota Lakes for Wakesurfing

Lakes need to meet a certain criteria to wakesurf – consistently over ten feet deep, enough room to drive straight for a set, and low boat traffic. Depending on where you are in the state and what time of the week you are surfing, there are a bunch of lakes that fit this benchmark. Some of the most popular lakes to wakesurf include:

  1. Lake Minnetonka
  2. Whitefish Chain of Lakes
  3. Prior Lake
  4. White Bear Lake
  5. Detroit Lakes
  6. Big Sandy
  7. Otter Tail Lake
  8. Pokemaga Lake
  9. Pelican Lake
  10. Gull Lake

Minnesota Wakesurfing Businesses

From Prior Lake to Cross Lake to Lake Minnetonka, the wakesurfing scene is incredible in Minnesota. In response to this, businesses have popped up to take advantage. The House has been a staple of the Twin Cities since 1982 but added wakesurf boards once the sport gained some traction in the area. Boat dealerships specializing in wakesurfing, like Minnesota Inboard (Malibu and Axis supplier) and Midwest Watersports (Supra and Moomba supplier), added access and availability to the sport.

Companies and associations specializing in wakesurfing and watersport competitions have started to spring up, too. The Minnesota Wakesurf Championship has grown considerably in the last few years and has found a home at the Spirit of the Lakes Festival on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Contestants comes from all over the nation to showcase their skills.

Apparel companies have ridden the wave of popularity, too. Our company, Laurentide Wakesurf Co, has seen a huge growth in interested parties and one of our best-selling shirts, a Minnesota silhouette holding a surfboard, shows just how passionate Minnesotans are for surfing.

Wakesurfing Causes Rift

Although wakesurfing is continuing to grow for much of the state and has created many jobs and businesses, not everyone is enjoying the sport. The MinnPost recently published an article dealing with the stress of living on a lake with consistent, heavy waves from these boats. According to the article, native species, like cattail, struggle to grow when continuously uprooted by the waves. Additionally, the post notes how floating docks become more dangerous and anchored/docked boats endure additional stress.


Wakesurfing is a rapidly growing sport and Minnesota, with its countless lakes is a great place to take advantage of it. Just make sure you are considerate when you are out on the water!

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