Best Wakesurfing Playlists for all Crowds

Wakesurfing is consistently a good time, but elevating your good time to a great time can be difficult. One way to improve the experience for everyone on your boat is to curate the music for the crowd you have on board. That’s where we come in. The below article details the best wakesurfing playlist for all types of scenarios.

The last thing you want is an explicit song you forgot on a playlist to show up on shuffle in front of your in-laws. Or a Taylor Swift love song to come one when it’s just you and the guys. To combat this and ever-shifting music tastes, we have created a group of regularly updated playlists tailored to each type of setting and group.

Best All-Around Wakesurfing Playlist

Playlist Name: Laurentide Wakesurfing
Genres: Rap, EDM (Tropical House, Dubstep), Country, Pop, 90’s Alternative
Crowd: Works for any crowd, but note this playlist contains explicit songs

Our Laurentide Wakesurfing playlist on Spotify should be your go-to playlist for your everyday wakesurf sesh. Most of the songs are from the last few years, but it has some banger throwbacks from the 90s and 00s to keep all ages interested. Do note that this playlist includes explicit songs if you are around your parents or younger children.

Best Wakesurfing Playlist for a Sunset Cruise

Playlist Name: Laurentide Sunset Cruise
Genres: Rap, EDM (Tropical House), Country, Pop, Indie/Alternative
Crowd: Works for any crowd, but note this playlist contains explicit songs

Deciding to stay out for golden hour with the crew? The transition from wakesurfing to cruising is usually a pretty easy one. Bring in the surfgate, empty the ballast tanks and bags, stow all the boards, ropes and lifejackets, and most importantly – switch over to the Laurentide Sunset Cruise playlist. This slower mix is perfect for slowing down and enjoying each other’s company.

And if you are wondering what time in your state your wakesurfing session needs to turn into a sunset cruise, check out our deep dive into when it is legal to wakesurf in your state!

Best Clean Wakesurfing Playlist

Playlist Name: Grandma’s Kitchen
Genres: Rap, EDM (Tropical House), Pop
Crowd: Everyone

Looking for the perfect mix for your youngest cousin that will also meet the appetite of the older group? The Grandma’s Kitchen playlist will do just that. Play this playlist with complete confidence since every song is either clean or has swear words bleeped out. No need to worry about any f-bombs being dropped in front of the young ones.


Music makes or breaks most atmospheres. Choosing the wrong music and the vibes are low, but choosing one of our specially curated playlists will boost the group’s mood.

Hopefully, you agree that these are some of the best wakesurfing playlists so please let us know in the comments! Also, check back often since we will continue to update this page with new playlists that we are curating for your next wakesurfing sessions!

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