Top 5 Wakesurfing Songs (Fall 2023 Edition)

All wakesurfers know that surfing is only a small part of going out on the water for the day. A huge portion of the session is hanging with the group, listening to some tracks, and partaking in the consumption of some adult beverages. In this article, we’ll detail five songs that you NEED on your wakesurfing playlist this fall.

Number 5: Jimmy Cooks – Drake, 21 Savage

The playlist wouldn’t be complete without one of the most popular artists in the world on it. We start with Drake and 21 Savages’ song Jimmy Cooks. While this song is a little older (summer 2022), we still believe it’s a crowd-pleaser on the boat.

Number 4: Where You Are (GRiZ Remix) – John Summit, Hayla, GRiZ

Great song to get the heads bobbing. It’s not as high on our list because it might not be a song for everyone with its heavy EDM drops, but if you are with a younger crowd who loves to party, this song will hit. The alternative is to play the original song from John Summit and Hayla. It has a house feel, is slower, and might pique the interest of more people.

Number 3: Sprinter – Dave, Central Cee

We are Cench stans here at Laurentide so when he and Dave came out with Sprinter we were all over it. The wordplay is out of this world and the overall song is a certified banger. Something about UK dudes spitting bars will never get old.

Number 2: WAY I WALK – Doe Boy

I have never heard of Doe Boy before this song, but this is a fun, feel-good rap. We dare you to try and listen to this song only once. We don’t know if it can be done.

Number 1: Adrenaline Rush (feat. MORGAN) – Sigma, MORGAN

For those of you who have followed our other wakesurfing breakdowns, you KNOW that we love some high-tempo, feel-good EDM in our lists. Brings the spirits up and gets the people going. Adrenaline Rush brings the nostalgia from Bittersweet Symphony that we all love and puts a modern twist on it. Play this one at maximum volume.


Wakesurfing is a vibe, but does the atmosphere of your boat meet that vibe? If not, add these songs to your Spotify playlist and your boat will be bumping. That can be a hassle, so just follow our curated playlists below. Cherry-pick the songs you like on these, pull them into your playlist, and call them your own!

We also go in-depth on each of these playlists in another article we posted about our perfectly grouped wakesurfing playlists.

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